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Introducing the
Vilma blouse

Named after the president of our beloved artisan community 'El arte de bordar en El Colca'.

Women's sustainable regenerative organic cotton blouse hanging in a sunlit tree.

Hand embroidered shirt

Introducing the Vilma Blouse - a true celebration of craftsmanship, love, and women empowerment! This beautiful piece is fairly made from the softest undyed regenerative organic cotton, carefully woven in a satin weave for a subtle shine -  showcasing the creativity of our talented artisans.

Dark-haired woman wearing a studio-shot organic cotton shirt with vibrant yellow hand embroidery.
Cotton fibers growing in a sunlit regenerative agricultural field, ready for harvest.


We are committed to sourcing our materials locally, which means we keep our environmental footprint lower and support the local economy. But that's not all - by sourcing locally, we ensure that our products are made by craftspeople who are passionate about their work and invested in the communities where they live.

El arte de bordar en El Colca

The embroideries on this blouse are handmade by a women-led association named "El arte de bordar en El Colca" located in Yanque, Arequipa.

The association is made up of around twenty women and within this group they actively promote the participation of women in family incomes. Vilma Mamani Paxi is the president of the association. With their work they want to pass on the practice of embroidery, which is part of the identity of the Colca Valley.

Their embroideries represent the local flora and fauna of the environment. Peruvians nowadays have strong roots in the Incas times. Their perception of time is circular, not linear as we see it today. That vision translated in embroideries such as the spiral that stands for the cycle of life.

High-resolution close-up showcasing trending traditional indigenous pink hand embroidery skillfully handcrafted by Peruvian artisans

Peruvian Clothes

The blouse is skillfully made by Peruvian Clothes. They are a small manufacturer based in Lima, Peru.


The blouse patterns are hand drawn with a lot of love by these skilled tailors.

Woman in upstanding collar blouse with button closure, made from regenerative organic cotton, set against a green plant backdrop, making direct eye contact.
Only a few blouses were created and each one is unique.
Get yours from this limited drop!
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