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Wrap yourself with this beautiful handwoven llama wool scarf, carefully crafted and naturally dyed with walnuts. The scarf is 60cm x 200cm and made of 100% llama wool, each scarf tells a story of their ancestral wisdom. Keep yourself cozy and warm during the colder days and crispy nights. 


  • 100% llama wool locally sourced from sheep herders in Jujuy

  • naturally dyed with walnut shells 

  • handwoven by Argentinian artisans Tejedores Andinos

  • Made in Jujuy, Argentina

  • Size scarf: 60cm x 200cm

Celeste scarf

€ 199,95Price
VAT Included
Expected to ship in october 2024
  • The scarf is handwoven by Tejedores Andinos, an artisan community based in Jujuy, Argentina. Tejedores Andinos preserves the legacy of weaving through an original pre-Columbian technique on a backstrap loom. Each creation reflects the artistic skills of their ancestors and a profound connection to cultural roots.  Read more


The artisans 

The embroideries are handmade by a women-led association named "El arte de bordar en El Colca" located in Yanque, Arequipa. 


With their work they want to pass on the practice of embroidery.  This beautiful figures and spiral shapes have meanings and translations that come from the ancient incas and represent the local flora and fauna of the environment.

Talented Peruvian craftsperson in traditional attire, skillfully crafting detailed embroideries using a sewing machine.

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