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Our collaborations


Through direct collaboration, we honor the traditional Latin American craftsmanship while upholding fair wages and supporting local communities. Our commitment to ethical fashion extends beyond aesthetics—it's about fostering meaningful connections and preserving cultural traditions. Join us in celebrating the vibrant tapestry of artisanal textiles and making a positive impact through sustainable practices. Explore our collection and discover the stories woven into each piece, as we continue our journey towards a more ethical and mindful fashion industry.

Celeste scarf

Named after the spokesperson of artisan community 'Tejedores Andinos' Celeste Valero.  Each creation reflects the artistic skills of their ancestors and a profound connection to cultural roots.

MOYOCOYO � L1020300-Enhanced-NR-edited.jpg

Vilma shirt

Introducing the Vilma Blouse - a true celebration of artesanal craftsmanship, love, and women empowerment!



She who creates herself


Each piece of clothing tells a story. From the intricate embroideries to the vibrant patterns, every detail reflects the rich cultural heritage of Latin America. We work closely with the artisans, collaborating on designs and integrate their traditional techniques into modern, wearable pieces.

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